Sunday, 24 November 2013

An Example Of A Simple Emotional Process - A great big "Cause" of many emotional beliefs causing later events in my life

Emotional Beliefs from your childhood can stunt the growth of your soul and cause you to act on these beliefs many times over in your life, that stunt your soul more each time.

Not losing sight that this emotion is the cause of why I want to please my daddy, and finding in recent post the selfish reason I had for aborting my child, was to please a new lover in fear of losing his love.

An example of a simple process, of Emotional processing.   An emotional event that stirs up some feelings, just feeling into the pains in the body (resistance) , not rejecting that feeling, asking God to hold me while I feel.
What started the pain, was my feelings of anger towards my partner, I was being unloving and judging what he was doing that didn't please me (capping & blocking resistance), rather than feeling how I was truly feeling (causes)
After allowing my current adult feelings, this triggered my feelings of how I felt about my dad in my childhood, how his drinking kept him away from home well into the evening, grief & hopelessness,  fear,  mum's feelings like the alcohol being a lover that you can never get rid of, and such rage towards this "lover" and the grief of not having his love.
Breathing into the pain on both sides of my lower tummy area, some rage from my partner/dad's projections of rage too, about being made feel guilty and feeling like not having free will to do as he pleases.  Feeling into my feelings of grief of not feeling dad's love, that he did not want to spend time with me and play with me.  Simple feelings in a small babes existence. Feeling to blame, that it is my fault, and feeling the grief of feeling that way.  Just allowing those feelings of fear & grief flow out of me.
Then pain in my left shoulder, so heavy such a big burden, mum's belief's about men in your life, this emotional belief having become my own, that having them in your life makes life harder, not any easier. The grief of this heavy, heavy burden of feeling like the day to day bringing up children is so hard to bear, no help coming from the man, feeling no love, no valued family time with the husband, just emotional struggle.  Grief of the years and years of feeling this way.

I knew in my mind that those sorts of feelings were there (intellectual ). It has taken such a long time to want to not reject feeling unloved to this extent and to surrender to the overwhelm of these feelings.
Here's another thing, never judge a simple feeling and push it aside as being insignificant to your growth if you allow yourself to feel it. It could be the key to some of your deepest feelings that are the core of your emotional damage.

Want to know more about delving into the emotions inside your soul.  Go to Divine Truth Channel on You Tube and Divine Truth FAQ Channel.

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