Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Prayer, Learning God's Language of Love & The Truth of My will controls what comes into & goes out of my soul!

It seems weird writing a post after such a long break.  Well went to Jesus & Mary's seminar on the weekend, about prayer, and am inspired again to keep desiring God's Love, to learn God's language of Love, as a human that I am.  I little babe, learning how to speak, with my heart! It is a bit pointless in me reciting what I have learned mentally, in my thoughts, though, as the soul learns by experiencing and feeling, the letting go of the error, and the acceptance of the love lesson in the Heart.
The process all starts with Asking for love, If I ask for love, then I expose a fear..........the date of the talk will be 23rd June 2013 if you look on the Divine Truth you tube channel.
This was one great leap, which I stumbled upon, not recognising the importance as such,  while ago that seemed to come natural at the time, was just wanting to Love God....at that time, this opened me up to God's love to a greater degree!!! I received the most astounding Love & Joy from God, can't describe the feeling in words as it seems clumsy in comparison.  The talk on the weekend reminded me again, Jesus & Mary termed it like a tug on God's clothing!!!  We all know how we respond to a little child wanting our love!!

Something since my one great leap, in me is resisting again though, so, in the advice that Mary gave us, that Jesus had given to her, was ask "what am I afraid of?"

Also the talk alerted me to me not knowing how to shift the focus on the false "truth "of my error! My Fear becoming my God. 

And another important message the slapped me in the face a bit to wake up MY WILL CONTROLS WHAT COMES INTO & GOES OUT OF MY SOUL!!  That was a biggie! That my will is totally responsible for all the crap, (kinda knew this intellectually, which is not knowing it in my soul, but the taking of the responsibility for it, for me seems to be a series of slaps in the face and feeling that emotionally!!!  That day it really hit me about spirits, has been a bit of a bug bear that they come around seemingly uninvited! (and I blame them!!) Wrong, very wrong....when I use my will & don't want to be humble, & don't want Truth, and use my Faith for believing in fear, & my actions are out of harmony of what acting (not sure if acting, has a good connotation, not meaning pretending, automatically doing an act of Love, without any thought) in harmony with Love is like!

"What am I afraid of?"...afraid to feel love!  what is it? Do I want to give love, or believe I can give love?  Do I want to receive love? What will happen if I receive Love?  Will I be expected to then do something that I don't want to do to have more?  Carrot & the stick, if I receive Love, will it then be taken away?  Do I  So I won't name too many, as I am not really feeling into it, so it is just intellectual.  But I am sure you can come up with quite a number of your own fears to work through emotionally!

I am also really pleased to say I have been starting to be in the presence of some brighter spirits a bit more now, as I was very much in the presence of some darker spirits that matched my soul feelings.  So I am not sure exactly what the difference is, a desire in my soul changed, some addictions that I no longer keep fostering....have been feeling into some deep causes, getting past the resentment, into the fears, getting into my own grief, and the grief of the grief, and I feel a slow change in my beliefs in myself changing.  A slow growth, but the foundations of me not so undermined & becoming stronger bit by bit!!! 

On account was around being a medium as a child, was told that what I was seeing wasn't real, so I needed to be dependant upon others to tell me what is!!!!!  Wow I could not believe how this undermined me so young!!!  How many parents in their not knowing what else to do, try to help their child's fears, and say something like "It's alright my darling, that's not real" I would not have realised the repercussions that it would have for the little child!!

Anyway that's it for now!  Milly :)  will put some links to some Divine Truth stuff on here soon, to make it easier to find things!