Sunday, 24 November 2013

God's Children

"God's Children" A Gift from the soul. Painting this one helped me personally to feel into emotions to do with having an abortion and about the Truth of Children being God's Children, that we are their guardians while they are on this earth, that we are also children of God, brothers and sisters of our children who we are the genetic parents of. 
I also painted this with others in mind, who are grieving, and wanting to own their feelings, to perhaps pass on some Truths that I have learned, soul to soul.   To those of you who have had an abortion, miscarried, have had a child go to the spirit world before they had a whole life time in this physical world. 
To find out more about abortion and miscarriage, go to
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and Divine Truth Channel (longer 1 - 2hr seminar on a variety of topics

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