Monday, 18 November 2013

By the Fire



By the fire
Alone, the quiet stillness....
Watching the fire burn through
To the different seasons of life

Howling with the full Moon’s silver gold light
Illuminating those flying clouds
That keep rolling by
Like a sped up film

Smoke trails, rising skyward
Joined by ashy sparks
Of Twinkling orange lights
All decorating the night

A silent bat flies overhead
Been feasting at a Ghost Gum
Standing tall in the night air
It’s blossom, a fragrance to entice
Flying creatures there.
A sweet nectar, sacred incense, offered to the sky

I am glad to witness the serenity
Sad at first, feeling aloneness in the dark
In my stillness, I was filled with the Truth
I am never alone
That you are real God,
Your child
I belong
Written 30/12/2012

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